Social activity

Social Activity

Loneliness can affect anybody at any time and for any reason. Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness for a variety of reasons (leaving the workplace, death of a spouse, family members living far away etc.) People can also feel lonely even if they are surrounded by others.

According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone, and more than a million older people say they go over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.

If you, or somebody you know is feeling lonely, there are a number of things you can do to help. Below, we have put some tips and resources for anybody who may be feeling isolated and wants to connect with others in their community.

Get involved in local community activities

Lots of charities, faith groups, and local community centres run activities specifically aimed for older people to meet up and get out of the house. Sometimes it is just for a cup of tea, and other times it may be to do a specific activity (sports, music, arts and crafts, knitting, photography and more). Groups like these are a fantastic way to avoid loneliness and get to know new people.

  • Local Age UKs run a variety of social events, groups for older people and local leisure activities. The Hounslow branch runs events Monday to Friday – lots of them for free! They also run lunch clubs so that you can have a meal and a chat with others like you.
    – For more details call 020 8567 8017 or click here
  • The Silver Line helpline can let you know what other events are on in your area
    – For more information, call 0800 470 8090 or click here
  • St Stephens Church runs a drop in cafe every Friday 2:30 – 4pm aimed at over 60s.
    – For more information, call 020 8991 0164 or email  jane@ststephens-ealing

Those are just a few examples of many! Click here to see a larger list of events available in Hounslow.


TFL Freedom Pass

A freedom pass allows you to travel across a number of services in London (buses, tubes, and trams) either at discounted prices or for free.

Check if you are eligible for a pass here

Age UK Services

Age UK offers various door to door transport services for GP visits, shopping trips, visit loved ones in hospitals or care homes. These are normally free or charge a small fee to cover petrol.

Get online

Being online and comfortable using the internet is a lifeline in terms of staying connected to the ones you love. If you have friends or family who live far away there are several different platforms which you can use to keep in touch, send photos and even call on video! Some examples are:

You can also use social media to reconnect with old friends – or make new ones – for free on sites such as:

You can access all the sites mentioned above (aside from Facetime) on a computer. But you may also want to consider using a smart phone or tablet.

Age UK has some great resources on how to understand the internet, download apps, stay safe online and how to use social media. Click here to access them.

Making new friends

The services listed above can be helpful to keep in touch with old friends or to make new friends through doing group activities. However sometimes you need a push in the right direction to start meeting new people. There are some services which are especially designed to help you make new friends.

  • Age UK and Silver Line have a free telephone service for those who want to have a chat with somebody from the comfort of their own home. You can either arrange to have a chat weekly, or just when the need strikes.
    Click here for more details
  • There is also a Face-to-Face friend service run by Age UK. It can either be meeting somebody for a coffee and a chat, or having someone accompany you on a shopping trip or errand of some sort.
    Click here for more details

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is a service that connects people with activities, groups, and services in their local area to help with their practical, social, and emotional needs. It can be especially helpful with meeting new people, learning new skills, or just doing an activity you enjoy! Your GP can refer you to a social prescribing link worker at your appointment if you think it is something you might benefit from.