Walking is one of the easiest, cheapest and most overlooked forms of exercise.

Brisk walking can:

  • Help burn excess calories
  • Build your stamina
  • Make your heart healthier
  • Help you lose wight
  • Make you healthier overall

What do I need to start walking?

One of the reasons that walking is a great way to exercise, is that you don’t need much to get started!

The most important thing you need is a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers that won’t give you blisters.

For longer walks, you may want to consider taking water, healthy snacks, sunscreen, a waterproof jacket and a spare top.

How do I know if I am walking fast enough?

A brisk walk is faster than an average stroll. It should work out to about 3 miles an hour. Or in other words, you should be able talk while walking, but not sing.

Brisk walking is the best way to lose weight and improve your health, but when you start, any pace is a good place to start!

You can try using the free Active 10 app on your smartphone. It tells you when you’re walking fast enough and suggests ways to fit in some more brisk walking. The app also tracks your steps, helps you set goals and shows you your achievements.

How often should I be walking?

The NHS recommends 150 minutes of weekly exercise (for people aged between 19 – 64).

If you aren’t sure about walking long distances yet, remember that even a 10 minute walk contributes towards this total and will improve your health! You could also make walking a part of your daily routine, for example you could walk (a part of, or the entirety) of your way to work each day.

Staying motivated

Making walking a habit

  • Walking part of the way to work
  • Going for a walk after dinner
  • Using the stairs instead of a lift
  • Walking to the shops
  • Walking the kids to school

Making walking enjoyable

  • Walking with a friend
  • Listening to music or a podcast
  • Try different areas to go walking
  • Join a walking group – The Ramblers have a lot of groups in West London. Click here to find one local to you.