Test Results

Test Results

General Information about Test Results

If you had a blood test at the surgery then it usually takes 5 working days for us to receive and process the results.

You can view results using the NHS app as soon as they arrive. In addition you can click on links that will explain what they mean.

We will only get in touch after a test if we need to do a follow up or make changes to your treatment. Normally, no news is good news. Before you contact us about your test results, please check them on the NHS App.

If you want a copy of your results, you can also get that through the NHS App. We do not give print outs of blood tests, otherwise there will be a charge.

Click here for information about Non-NHS Services.

Hospital test results

Please note that the results of tests carried out during hospital visits are not normally sent to the practice. To see those results you need to directly contact the hospital or NHS service where you did the test.

Why have I been asked to have a repeat test?

If a doctor asks you to have a repeat test, it is usually because:

  • The result was borderline or unclear, and the doctor wants another sample to monitor the situation or to re-check the results.
  • The result is abnormal, and the doctor cannot interpret the result without further tests and has asked you to come in for more tests.

Please do not worry if the doctor has asked you for a repeat test.  The doctor will speak to you or request to see you directly if they need to discuss the results.

If you are still concerned about your test results, then please make a routine appointment. This is usually a telephone appointment with a GP.