When we are Closed

When we are closed

Non-urgent advice: NHS 111

If you are unwell and cannot wait until the surgery has opened, please call NHS 111 by dialing 111. They can:
– Advise you on the care you need.
– Organise emergency services or an ambulance if necessary. The NHS 111 is staffed by fully trained advisers supported by experienced nurses, pharmacists, and doctors. The service is available if you require urgent medical help, but it is not a life-threatening situation.

Late Night Pharmacies

Community pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can provide clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for minor illnesses like coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy troubles, and aches and pains. They have the training to determine if your symptoms require further medical attention and will guide you accordingly.

Pharmacists undergo five years of training in the use of medicines, including managing minor illnesses and providing health advice.

Many pharmacies have convenient hours, including late evenings and weekends, and you don’t need an appointment to see a pharmacist. They also have private consultation rooms to ensure your privacy.

Below you can search for pharmacies close to you. There is the option to only show services that are open at that particular time.

Local pharmacies open late

Riverside Pharmacy
8am – 10:30pm

Jade Pharmacy (Isleworth)
9am – 7pm

Tesco Instore Pharmacy
8am – 8pm

Hounslow Treatment Care Centre

Hounslow Treatment Care Centre is a facility where experienced medical professionals (GPs, nurses, emergency care practitioners, healthcare assistants, and other healthcare practitioners) provide urgent medical care.

This service is specifically for situations when you require immediate medical attention but are unable to see your GP.

The centre handles minor injuries and illnesses that need urgent treatment. When you arrive at the urgent care centre, your condition will be assessed, and you will receive treatment based on the priority of your condition.

If your condition is urgent and requires immediate attention, an appropriate clinician at the Urgent Care Centre will attend to you.

If your condition is not urgent or immediate, you will be directed back to your GP.

If necessary, you may be referred to the Emergency Department, which is located adjacent to the Urgent Care Centre.